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Our Mallorcan Partners

We work extremely closely with our local organic farmers to help grow the quality botanicals that we use in our products.

Sa Pobla & Ses Salines

Sa Pobla and Ses Salines are the soil in which the certified organic tomatoes are grown by our tomato specialist Alexandre de Folin. He has been working the land for over 8 years and grows several varieties of tomatoes such as : Raf, Rose de Berne, Noir de Crimée, Cœur de Bœuf and many more. These exceptional tomatoes are used in Gin Palma to give it a very unique earthy flavour.

Alexandre also delivers fresh organic basquets every week in Palma picked right before delivery . He is well known for extremely high quality, variety and selectiveness . He does not only grow these vegetables but also chooses the seeds from the best plants which guarantee this remarkable quality. For more information on how to order the organic baskets contact Sandra Lomakine on +34 656 394 026.


Tramuntana Mountains

Tony & Susana

Tony and Susana have lived and worked on their land for over 40 years and their family have owned the estate for several generations. They grow five of the local botanicals that we use in Gin Palma with extreme care and attention. The Venetian Juniper, Oranges, Orange Leaves, Lemons & Lavender all combine to bring the true taste of Mallorca in every bottle of Gin Palma.

Tony and Susana are currently in the process of planting some of our other organic botanicals we use in Gin Palma, in order to help support and sustain the local farmers. With their help we will be able to create a true Mallorca Gin. You can find Tony and Susanna every Saturday at the Organic Farmers Market in Palma.

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Son Penyaflor 

In this spectacular setting nestled under the dramatic Tramuntana Mountains in Alaro, the Garundí Rossello family have owned and farmed the estate of Son Penyaflor for four generations. Here we forage the almond flowers once a year before Spring which only blossom for two months, weather dependant.

Almond flowers are a key botanical in creating our delicious gin recipe, they give a subtle sweetness which brings the unique flavour to Palma Gin. On site you can stay in their boutique hotel, a great stop if exploring the walking trails of the Tramuntana. http://www.sonpenyaflor.com/en/

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